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Before you start, please carefully read the full fitting instructions, and consult our website for the latest fitting instructions. Plastivan waives all liability if these instructions are failed to be observed.

Timber frame

The timber frame serves as the skeleton for the Durasid panels. The frame needs to be properly aligned in an even plane. The impregnated slats need to be 24x32mm at a minimum.
The slats are to be affixed onto the wall in vertical position, leaving a maximum spacing of 500mm. If you are using dark colours (such as RAL 7016) and the Durasid Natural, Durasid Elegance and Durasid Foresta panels, the maximum spacing between the slats should not exceed 300mm (fig. 1).


Vertical ventilation behind the panels is very important to prevent condensation, fungus growth or warping as a result of large variances in temperatures. Never fill the space between the slats with insulation, but fit any insulation or vapour barrier behind the slats. When using insulation, make sure you allow at least 32mm between the insulation and the panels. If you are not fitting any insulation, a 24 mm clearance behind the panels will do. At all times, make sure you leave at least 22mm clearance below the bottom and above the top panel and finish with the ventilation profile (fig. 2, fig. 3).


Affix the ventilation profile and the start profile together up against the front of the slats. The Durasid panel is always positioned according to the tongue and groove principle before it is secured into the fixing groove using a stainless steel screw. The lengthwise coupling of the 2 Durasid panels is achieved using the coupler: standard or invisible. Always allow for a of 1mm/m expansion joint for each panel, both up against couplers and up against finishing profiles (fig. 3, fig. 4).


Using the various finishing profiles, edges can be finished both as an interior or as an exterior corner. These profiles can also be used for the finish around windows and doors, combined with the BELTECTO rigid foam rabbets or otherwise. The method for fitting the 2-part finishing profiles is always the same: the base profile of the 2 parts is to be affixed onto the slats, and after fitting the Durasid panels, the finishing profile is clicked onto the panels (fig. 5, fig. 6).

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