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What is durasid plastic exterior cladding?

Durasid is the perfect aesthetic cladding for side faces, gables, bay windows, dormers, garden sheds, pool houses and other constructions. Durasid offers a wide range of applications for both new-build and renovations projects.

The Durasid cladding profiles are made from a rigid foam core covered with a durable, co-extruded top coat. Inside the top coat, a decorative wood grain texture is applied, so that Durasid combines the best of all other facades.

Durasid has the charm and appeal of natural wood plus the ease of maintenance of plastic, which has allowed it to quickly establish itself as a smart and fully-fledged alternative to other external wall coverings made from commonly used materials.

Durasid retains its initial visual aspect and appeal for much longer than any wooden exterior cladding or a facade in a different material, which often tend look weathered and lose their appeal as time moves on.

Why a fascia in rigid foam PVC?

Rigid foam has with a number of remarkable properties in terms of aspect, durability and ease of maintenance. Where wooden or other facades need maintenance or refacing every so often, this does not apply to Durasid. Especially as PVC does not require sanding, painting or oiling to retain its beauty.

Moreover, PVC does not splinter and does not absorb any water, making it virtually impervious to algae and moss growth. If your Durasid cladding should display a dirty dust layer after a protracted period of time, simply wash it down with a sponge and some water, with or without a mild household detergent.

The Durasid rigid foam PVC cladding is part of a complete system that includes all fittings and accessories for swift and professional fitting incorporating a particularly attractive finish. For instance, we have devised a series of practical profiles in plastic and lacquered aluminium that ensure a beautiful appearance and a solid construction as well as perfectly finished corner sections and couplings.

Importantly, the ingenious concept also ensures that the cladding is optimally ventilated at all times, which prevents the underlying wall structure from becoming wet.

The Durasid cladding and finish system offers a number of significant advantages in terms of ease of fitting, guaranteed results and time savings, which will appeal to both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Plastivan manufactures a full range of roof edge cladding products under the Beltecto brand name. These construction materials are eminently suited for both new-build and renovation projects. They can be fitted in all cladding finishes, and especially combined with Durasid's exterior cladding.