Durable and longer-lasting

Hard foam PVC is a durable and resistant plastic that withstands the rigours of time and weather. This guarantees that the sidings will still look as good as new after many years. In addition, the profiles are coloured right through, so you will never have to paint or oil them.

A warm and natural appearance

A permanent wood grain structure with a natural appearance is applied to the co-extruded protective top layer. This means that DURASID® sidings can barely be distinguished from genuine wood and gives them a warm, natural appearance.

Simple to put in place

DURASID® profiles in hard foam PVC are considerably lighter than equivalent products in solid wood or fibre cement. Handling and installing them is therefore easier and they make less heavy demands on the facade or the supporting structure. In addition, the tongue -and groove joints make them quick to install.

Easy to maintain

The top layer makes sure that the structure is closed. Dirt and green algae deposits can therefore not penetrate the top layer of the material - a problem that does often occur in porous materials such as wood and fibre cement. Superficial dirt can be easily removed using a sponge, brush or high-pressure hose (max. 80 bar), plus a mild detergent if necessary.

Perfectly impact-resistant

You do not need to worry about damage if you use DURASID® sidings. Remember, this is a material that is known for its superb impact resistance. With alternative materials, impacts may result in a permanent dent relatively quickly, or may even crack the profile.

Protecting and upgrading the outer wall

DURASID® sidings protect your outer wall and add value to your new home or renovation project. The panels also protect any insulation layers inside against all kinds of weather, guaranteeing that optimum insulation will be retained way into the future.

Numerous applications

DURASID® can be used for private homes, chalet building and industrial construction. It is also perfect for cladding entire walls, gables, dormers and roof overhangs. It creates a stylish, uniform design and finish.

Wide choice of colours and finishings

DURASID® outer wall cladding panels are available in different timeless colours and in 5 variants. They can be fitted horizontally or vertically. A series of handy finishing profiles in plastic and painted aluminium have been developed as well. These guarantee it will look good and the structure will be solid, with perfectly finished corners and joints.

100% recyclable

Durasid rigid foam cladding fits perfectly into the context of sustainable construction. Production waste is recycled and used cladding at the end of its life cycle can be completely recycled. The estimated lifetime exceeds that of conventional wood or other alternatives. It is also easy to maintain so that no harmful products are needed such as paints, oils, varnish, lacquer, mold and algae resistant products ...

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